Company Overview:

Having served the Oil and Gas Industry for over a decade, Revalca Middle East Casing and Tubing Running Services (“Revalca”) has the experience, knowledge and equipment to offer safe and efficient Tubular Running Services around the globe. Revalca is a 100% owned group subsidiary.

Drawing from our large inventory of both Conventional Tubular Handling Equipment and the latest in Casing Running Tool technology, Revalca Middle East can provide Tubular Handling Equipment and Services to support your drilling and completion operations.

This service and quality comes from our vast knowledge and experience in running large diameter casing right down to the smaller completion strings. All Equipment is maintained to the highest of standards recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturers. Equipment is Load Tested and Inspected to current API and Industry Standards.

With today’s drilling environment of deeper and more complex wellbores, reaching total depth with casing safely is a huge concern and efficient and safe running casing is critical to the integrity of the well. If you can avoid stuck pipe, you can avoid extra costs and risks. Our Internal Grip Casing Running Tools allow you to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, and fill/circulate, and cement casing and liner strings, reducing nonproductive time and associated costs in your Drilling and Completion Operations. Inherently compact and remarkably efficient, connecting directly into the Top Drive, the CRTi combines several conventional casing running tools into one system, decreasing risk of an HSE incident through reduction of additional personnel and equipment from the rig floor.

We pride ourselves on having successfully completed Drilling with Casing in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for many years utilizing our Internal Grip Casing Running Tool (CRTi) .