Our Volant 4-7.0 CRTi has been one of our best performing tools on our inventory. Benefits of this tool is that customers will have the ability to get casing to the bottom in problematic hole sections and reducing manpower and equipment on the rig floor.

We have 100% success rate in reaching section TD each time our CRT was rigged up.

Below are a few of the testimonials from some of our customers whom we have provided our CRT and CRT Personnel.

“As far as the “casing-while-drilling” trial is concerned the operation is regarded within GKPI as having been a successful trial of the technique which was only halted when the CwD bit was unable to make progress in Gercus claystone which was found at shallower depth and to a greater thickness than had been originally prognosed. GKPI intends to repeat this trial, drilling with the CRTi, at a later date. We did, of course, use the Revalca / Volant CRTi tool when we ran the 20” casing conventionally and to depth.”

Gulf Keystone

“To put it very simply, without the casing running tool and the crews we would not have got our production casing to bottom. We would have been at least 5OOm off bottom which would have resulted in running an additional 7″ liner and a drop in the reservoir hole size from 8-1/2″ to 6″ which in turn would have meant we would have had to run a restricted completion size. We successfully managed to ream the casing through the Kolosh at a final hole angle of 60 degrees, we must all remember that only a few years ago we struggled to even run casing vertically through this formation, therefore a significant step change in performance!”


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