A ram-type BOP is similar in operation to a gate valve, but uses a pair of opposing steel plungers, rams. The rams extend toward the center of the wellbore to restrict flow or retract open in order to permit flow. The inner and top faces of the rams are fitted with packers (elastomeric seals) that press against each other, against the wellbore, and around tubing running through the wellbore. Outlets at the sides of the BOP housing (body) are used for connection to choke and kill lines or valves.

The Cameron U BOP blowout preventer is the most widely used ram-type BOP for land, platform and subsea applications worldwide. Like all other Cameron preventers, the rams in the U BOP are pressure-energized. Well bore pressure acts on the rams to increase the sealing force and maintain the seal in case of hydraulic pressure loss. Seal integrity is actually improved by increased well bore pressure.

Ram Type BOPs are used in drilling operation and designed to close the Well and protect personnel and equipment by stopping and/or redirecting unexpected rash of Oil, Gas and Drilling Mud from the Well Bore. The Ram Type BOP seals the Annulus around Drill Pipe, Casing, Tubing or the complete Hole when Tubulars are out of Hole and directing the drilling fluid from the Well to the Mud Tanks in order to relieve Well Pressure.

All Ram Type BOP Equipment meets with all current API 16A requirements and customer specifications and can be dressed for Standard or Sour Service application in a Single or Double configuration.

Manufacturer: Cameron Type U, Shaffer Type LXT, T3/NOV Type 6012

Available sizes and pressure ratings: