Diversified Drilling & Industrial Equipment Trading F.Z.E (“DDIE”) and Revalca Middle East Casing & Tubing Running F.Z.E (“Revalca”) are committed to the development and maintenance of economic and effective processes and systems designed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

DDIE/RME provide a service and quality of products most suitable to our customer’s requirements and to satisfy any applicable requirements.

To enable this policy to be effective, the quality objectives are set and deployed. To meet the policy requirements and to achieve the objectives, the support and involvement of management and all personnel within DDIE/RME is essential. To this end senior management will actively foster a culture conducive with learning and improvement reinforced through training programs, as well as the company’s business process improvement and empowerment system by satisfying applicable legal requirements.

The group has translated these management policies and objectives into a governing IMS Manual supported by specific Procedures as required by customer or product requirements to support the commitment on continual improvement of our Quality Management System.