BOP Accumulator Units

Accumulator units (or BOP Control Unit) are used for Drilling Operations and designed to produce, store and deliver hydraulic energy to supply and control the hydraulic fluid operating the Blowout Preventer Stack and associated equipment.

The systems are designed to assure a minimum of maintenance and repair during and in between operations. All our Accumulators meet with all current API 16D requirements and customer specifications.

We also provide BOP Control hoses in 1” and 1-1/2” ID in various lengths between 75 ft to 100 ft to connect Accumulator Unit to the BOP equipment and Hydraulic Valves.

Manufacturer: NOV(T3 Energy), Challenger Equipment, Consolidated Pressure Control

Available sizes, pressure rating:

No. of Stations No. of Accumulator Bottles / Nominal Volume Reservoir Capacity (Gallons) / psi
6 Station 16 Bottles (each 15 Gallons) /

240 US Gallons

393.50 US Gallons / 3000 psi
8 Station  24 Bottles (each 15 Gallons) /

360 US Gallons

450 US Gallons / 3000 psi