It is the policy of the company to conduct its operations in a manner that is reasonable to prevent personnel injury, ill health, damage to property and to protect all personnel from any foreseeable work hazards, including customer personnel and the public.

The company has a responsibility to:

Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions on its premises, complying with any statutory and other requirements related to Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Hazards.

Provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely and efficiently at any location.

Make available all necessary safety devices, protective equipment and clothing and enforce their use.

Maintain a continuous interest in matters of health and safety regarding the companies’ activities particularly by consulting and involving employees whenever possible.

Maintain health, safety and accident records and those of dangerous occurrences in compliance with all applicable requirements.

Set, deploy and to achieve OHS&E Objectives in order to continually improve the OHS&E performance

Protect the environment and to implement necessary actions to strive towards prevention of pollution and to achieve other specific environmental commitments