This services and quality comes from our vast knowledge and experience in running large diameter casing to the small 2-3/8” tubing, whether using our conventional running or CRTi equipment.

Torque Analysis Systems are used in our operations and we also offer low marking/penetrating dies for our tong and handling equipment for Chrome Running and Handling requirements for hostile environment wells.

Give our CRTi tool a try for stuck hole issues.

Getting safely to the bottom of the hole is the optimum target. If you can avoid stuck pipe you can also avoid extra costs and risks. Our Casing Running Tool allows you to make-up, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill/circulate, and cement casing and liner strings, reducing non-productive time and associated costs.

We pride ourselves on having successfully completed drilling with casing in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq through our Casing Running Tool.

All our equipment is maintained to the highest of standards recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Equipment is tested and inspected to current API and Industry Safety Standards.