Drill Pipe Rental

Thick-walled, seamless steel pipe with pin and box shouldered tool joints used in rotary drilling to turn the drill bit and to provide a conduit for the drilling mud.

Our range consists of 2.7/8″ to 5.1/2″ OD with API tool joint connections in various grades and weights.

Sizes: 2.7/8″, 3.1/2″, 4″, 5.1/2″.
More sizes are available on request.

We also offer Premium Drill Pipe with double shoulder connections DPM-DS and DPM-MT for high profile projects.

Premium Double Shoulder (DPM-DS) Benefits


  • Generic API double shouldered connection
  • API Spec 7-2 thread form
  • Fully interchangeable with API connections
  • Up to 40% more torsional strength than API
  • Well established & field proven worldwide
  • Make-up similar to API connection thus user friendly
  • Fast running, reduced valuable rig time & cost effective


Premium Master Torque (DPM-MT) Benefits


  • High performance rotary shouldered connection
  • Designed evolved from original DPM-DS connection
  • Geometry changes at critical areas and added mass for increased strength
  • Retain API taper and thread form for operator friendliness and economy over the product life cycle
  • Superior performance in ERD, HPHT & Ultra Deep Drilling
  • Fast running, reduced valuable rig time & cost effective


The preferred applications of hard banding for drill pipe tool joints and BHA components (HWDP, Drill Collars) are ARNCO 350XT or Duraband ® NC, both NS-1 certified; which are not only designed to protect the drill pipe from wearing but also to protect the casing. Tasman uses a robotic welding system for hardbanding drill pipe.

Visit ARNCO’s website for more information on 150XT and 350XT hardbanding products. http://www.hardbanding.com

Visit Hardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries website for more information on Duraband ® NC.


Download Technical Data Sheets

Drillpipe, 2.875 E-75, 1.500 ID, 10.40ppf, NC31
Drillpipe, 2.875 S-135, 1.500 ID, 10.40ppf, 2.875 HT PAC
Drillpipe, 3.500, S-135, 2.438 ID, 13.3ppf, NC38
Drillpipe, 3.500, G-105, 2.438 ID, 15.5ppf, NC38
Drillpipe 3.500 S-135, 2.5625 ID, 15.5ppf NC38
Drillpipe, 4.000, S-135, 2.562 ID, 14ppf, DPM-MT39
Drillpipe, 5.000 S-135, 3.250 ID, 19.50ppf, DPM-DS50
Drillpipe, 5.000, S-135, 3.250 ID, 25.60ppf, DPM-DS50