Annular Type BOPs are used in drilling operations and designed to close the Well and protect Personnel and Equipment by stopping an unexpected rash of Oil, Gas and Drilling Mud from the Well Bore. The Annular Type BOP seals the Annulus around Drill Pipe, Casing, Tubing or the complete Hole when Tubulars are out of Hole. All Annular Type BOP Equipment meets current API 16A requirements and can be dressed for Standard or Sour Service application.

Hydril and Shaffer Annular blowout preventers come in all BOP types, sizes, and pressure ranges meeting most operational requirements in the petroleum industry today on both surface and subsea complying with API16A specifications.

A standard annular BOP will strip drill pipe and tool joints. The packing unit life is reduced when used for stripping operations. It will also close off the annulus or open hole to full working pressure.

The Annular BOP provides quick, positive closing action with simplified controls to keep drilling fluids in the hole when a blowout threatens. The universal seal off feature of the annular blowout preventer permits closure and seal off on drill pipe, kelly, tool joints, or tubing and wireline as well as the open hole. Maintenance of the BOP is easy, rapid, and economical with the use of standard tools.

Full-spectrum testing meeting or exceeding API requirements ensures that the desired safety factors and reliability are provided in each unit. Finite Element Analysis of the body design is the most advanced, in-depth technique of pressure vessel design analysis and ensures a structurally sound body configuration.

Shell (Hydrostatic) Testing of the BOP body meets the API accepted industry standards to provide a safe, reliable blowout preventer.

Manufacturers: GE (Hydril), NOV (Shaffer), T3/NOV

Available sizes and pressure ratings

Bore sizes Pressure rating Bottom flange connection
7-1/16 5000 psi 5000 psi
11 5000 psi 5000 psi
11 10000 psi 15000 psi
13-5/8 5000 psi 5000 psi
13-5/8 5000 psi 10000 psi
13-5/8 10000 psi 10000 psi
21-1/4 2000 psi 2000 psi
29-1/2 500 psi 500 psi
30 1000 psi 1000 psi