Diverter Systems

Shaffer 30” 1000 psi and Hydril MSP 29-1/2″-500 psi are developed for use on surface installations, is a large bore annular type diverter whose large bore permits hole to be drilled full bore with diverter protection. Its large bore permits the setting of large size surface casing without removing the diverter. Thus it is always ready for venting gas flows.

The diverters provide an effective means of rerouting the flow of shallow, low-pressure gas. The diverters can be used either as a diverter or a Annular BOP. Very few moving parts on Annular/Diverter mean few surfaces are subjected to wear. The Diverter is thus a safer and simpler mechanism requiring less maintenance and less downtime. Back to Front Feedable Rubber on the Packing Unit enables the packing unit to close and seal on almost any shape in the drill string or close off the open bore and strip tool joints under pressure. This safety feature permits confident closure of the diverter at the initial indication of kick without the delay of locating the tool joint. The Conical Bowl Design of the Piston provides a simple and efficient method of closing the packing unit. With the piston serving as a sealing surface against the rubber packing unit, there is no metal-to-metal wear on the sealing surface and thus longer equipment life results.

Diverter sizes Pressure rating Side outlets
21-1/4” 2000 psi 12” 900 / 12” 600
29-1/2” 500 psi 12” 900 / 12” 600
30” 1000 psi 12” 900 / 12” 600