Diversified Fill Up and Circulating Tool is designed to be used with a Top Drive and uses AutoValve by Drawworks.

Diversified’s Fill-Up and Circulating Tool is designed to be used with a Top Drive. Top connection on the tool is a 4.1/2” IF Box. A spacer maybe required, depending on the length on bails and type of casing tools used in running the casing. The spacer, if required, should be made up directly on the Top Drive Connection, with the Fill-up and Circulating Tool made up on the bottom of the spacer, if spacer required. If not required, tool can be made up to the Top Drive Connection.

Our Circulating Fill Up Tool is available from 20” down to 7” Casing.

As the only “full-opening” mud saver valve available in the drilling industry, the patented AutoValve Mudsaver Valve ensures positive valve operation and allows high flow rates while eliminating erosion and leaking that can hinder the performance of spring-type fill-up valves. The AutoValve automatically opens when inserted into the casing and automatically closes when it is removed. It also prevents surging the well and is immune to mud mud solids. When the AutoValve is inserted in the casing, it can handle Fill-up, Flow-Back & Circulating procedures at any time.