Wincatt ™ is a computerized real-time data acquisition and control system for the makeup  of tubular connections.  The  graphical  user interface  and logical   software   structure   combined   with powerful   control,   data acquisition   and presentation capabilities enable the user to easily specify make-up  parameters, control   make-up, and  evaluative quality.

CT 3000LT ™ are used in the makeup of casing, tubing, drill pipe, downhole motors and accessories, etc. ConTech’s Torque Turn Systems can be installed and run with virtually any hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual tongs in the field, as well as bucking units in plant applications.

The CT 3000LT Torque Turn System features high resolution graphics with two processors and a choice or four makeup programs, offered in both DOS and Windows based platforms. All PC hardware options are available in a unit that can be built to customer hardware specifications. Several “add-on” modules such as internal pressure testing, and accessories for hazardous area operations are available. Software is “User Friendly” allowing shortened training for field technicians.