6 Cylinder Diesel Engine (Deutz – Germany – F6 L 912) Power Units, Zone 2, 3000PSI WP Diesel Driven, Air Cooled with 1” and 1-1/2” Hoses with quick coupling.

Description: Integrated Package, Compact Design with all Safety Features as per Oilfield Requirements and Zone 2 Specifications with additional cooling features, tool carrying cradle with lifting eyes. Powered with a 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine (Deutz – Germany – F6 L 912). Pump up to 75 GPM @ 1500psi / 37.5 GPM @ 3000psi with one Step-less Control.


Hydraulic Functions:


  • The Unit is fitted with 2- Stage Hydraulic Pump with High volume, low pressure, and low volume high pressure sections along with Un loading and Relief Valves.
  • Diesel Engine Drives the Hydraulic Pump which draws the Fluid from Tank with Full Volume of Flow from Both Sections of Pump.
  • The Output flow through the Port is combined and routed through the Hoses to connect it to Power Tong or any other device need the Hydraulic Power.
  • The Combined Flow Continues till Pressure Setting of 1200-1500 PSI and at this stage Un loading valve triggered and Opens a passage allowing the low-pressure section of the Pump to Unload its output flow back to the Tank I Reservoir.
  • The High-Pressure Section of the Pump continue to supply the Output flow till it reaches its maximum pressure setting up to3000 PSI. At this Point Relief Valve Opens and relieve the

pressure and flow so that constant maximum pressure is maintained.

  • The high temperature Hydraulic oil returning from the system is made to pass through the high efficiency copper tube aluminum fins transfers slab type oil cooler were the head transfers by

means of Engine direct drive pusher Fan (Air to oil cooling system). And then it passes through the full flow return filter and dumps in hydraulic oil reservoir.